Trends in Deck Design

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Outdoor decks are being transformed from plain old rectangles to backyard retreats to provide more space to entertain guests. Considering hiring a handyman professional to make some changes to turn your deck into one that functions like an interior space? Take a look at these trends in deck design for some ideas.

Larger decks
After a long day at work, people want a place to unwind and socialize. The backyard is evolving into that place. Increasing square footage to accommodate more than a grill and some furniture is a trend that is growing quickly. It’s becoming more common to see decks with multi-story decks, pergolas, and even walls that define areas for privacy. Built-ins that offer seating and storage are a new, hot idea that homeowners are bracing with open arms.

Fully functioning kitchens
When you think of summertime in America, you probably think of beaches, boating, and grilling. The outdoor kitchen trend has taken grilling to an entirely new level. People want to be outside, so why not have a fully functioning kitchen where you can cook your food? A full outdoor kitchen includes a grill or cooktop surface, cabinets and storage, a countertop, a refrigerator, and a sink. This is even more common in Southern areas where the weather is warm the majority of the year.

Water features
Make a splash with some water in your deck area. More homeowners are adding water features into the deck’s design. A fountain provides soothing sounds to create a relaxing atmosphere, and a hot tub or pool provide a backyard escape. Another positive about running water: it drowns out the noise from nearby traffic to add to the illusion of a backyard getaway destination.

Accent lighting
Lighting has always been considered important. Homeowners today are transitioning from installing temporary lights along the deck (move aside, Tiki torches) and instead, opting to install permanent lighting right on the deck itself. This form of lighting provides more illumination to allow safe walking and conversation.

Gray decks
Gray is everywhere — from family room furniture to interior walls — and the color’s popularity doesn’t stop there. Trex, a deck manufacturer, released a shade of gray wood last year. Since then, the gray hue for decking has been in high demand.

Covered decks.
While many homeowners choose to have the majority of their deck open, some choose to build decks with a covered portion. This allows people to enjoy the great outdoors in rain or shine. A hard roof or fabric awning are both possibilities for a covered deck.


These trends in exterior design can help you and a handyman professional build your dream deck on your very own home. The right deck will not only provide the perfect place to escape, the exterior design will also make your backyard look and feel beautiful.