Why Your Home Interior Paint Matters

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Painting the interior of your home has a lot of benefits. It’s an affordable way to update your home and keep it looking clean and fresh — plus it provides practically immediate results. Whether you plan to paint your home interior yourself or hire a handyman professional, take a look at these great reasons you should paint the inside of your home.

Play up your homes features.
You can effectively transform a room by playing up its architectural features. Add another layer of interest by painting molding, built-in bookcases, mantels, wainscoting, and even doors. If you want to keep it subtle, paint doorways or molding just one shade lighter or darker than the primary walls. This slight shift can really make your eyes focus on the details.

Increase your home value.
It’s amazing that a simple coat of paint can do so much for your home. It will instantly improve the appearance of your home, updating it and making it look more attractive to potential buyers (if you are trying to sell your home).

Don’t forget about the value a paint job can add to your home, too. It’s typically much more than the actual cost of hiring a professional to come to your home to paint.

Get an inexpensive home makeover.
Painting your interior walls is a way to give your home a new look at a fraction of the cost of an actual renovation. Take the time to choose the right colors and you can create a new feel in the home you’ve lived in for decades.With the money you save by updating your home with paint instead of a large scale renovation, you can invest in a professional job without the guilt.

Clean it up.
Fresh paint immediately cleans up the look of your entire house. Painting will cover marks, stains, and wear and tear on your interior walls and make your home look brand new on the inside. A new coat of paint will also reduce odors from pets and cooking.

Take the time to fix nail pops prior to painting so paint goes on smooth. Make sure you have the baseboards and crown molding painted, too.

Protect your walls.
Interior painting actually protects your walls from damage. If you have plaster walls, paint will keep dust from the walls at bay. Regular house painting can help prevent surface cracks in your walls and protect them from moisture caused by showers and laundry.


Painting your home is a simple and inexpensive way to transform your home and clean it up. It doesn’t take much time — and the end results are well worth it.