The Importance of Local Handyman Promotion

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The Importance of Local Handyman Promotion

 Today’s handyman has several options for promotion that extend beyond his service area. These include social media endeavors and memberships to joining organizations like the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals. Promoting your business on a national and international scale garners credibility that potential clients find impressive but you should also be sure that you have a strong local presence. After all, your customers are going to come from your neighborhood and not from across the globe.

Here are some tips for increasing your reputation as a local power player in the handyman industry.


  1. Join your local Chamber of Commerce. This is a great way to network with other business owners and those relationships often lead to handyman opportunities. Adding the backing of your local Chamber of Commerce to your business documents will encourage new clients to call you before other handyman providers on the list.
  2. Donate services to local fundraisers. Offer a voucher for a basic service to a silent auction or raffle that will benefit an organization in your community. Not only is it an act of good will, but it will provide publicity for your company.
  3. Put a face with your name. Whatever routes for local promotion you decide to take, add a photo. People like to see a friendly face before calling for services and it will increase your local presence.
  4. Implement a referral program. The best business is word-of-mouth business because the new client already has confidence in your abilities. Offer cash back or a discount for future services to customers who send new clients your direction.

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