Referrals and Our Directory

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We here at ACHP receive many many calls asking for our list of our ACHP members for the purpose of being offered referrals via solicitation. As you may already know, we DO NOT sell our list nor do we give our list to referral companies, etc. This promise has been in place since we opened our doors in 2009. If you receive any calls or emails from referral companies, which there are many of them, be careful. We here at ACHP do not believe in referral company practices nor do we recommend the use of them.

Our members add their listing to our directory as a means of showing their membership status, affiliation, certification, and credibility. As well as a description of their services and contact information. We are not a referral company or claim to be.

The best way to acquire referrals is by word of mouth. It’s organic, builds strong relationships, and healthy for your business. Look at it as a Reward (trophy) for the hard work you put into your business.

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