Projects a Handyman Can Help You with This Winter

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When the temperatures are cold enough, harsh winter weather may mean you need to make some extra maintenance efforts on your house.  Winter is also the perfect time to address home repair and improvement projects.


Hiring a handyman is a smart and affordable way for homeowners to efficiently take projects off their to-do list.  Often known as a “jack of all trade,” a handyman professional possesses a range of home improvement skills and is typically hired by the hour or per project to complete work around the home.


If you want to stay inside during the winter months when the wind is blowing and the air is cool, think about hiring a handyman for these projects:



Homes that are poorly insulated lose energy during the winter months. A handyman can evaluate a home and determine which areas are responsible for energy loss and take the necessary action to repair the issues.  Some solutions include adding additional insulation, applying a plastic film to windows to prevent cool air from blowing in and warm air from escaping, and installing foam weather-stripping on doors.


Snow removal

One of the most tiresome tasks of the winter months is snow removal. It can also be quite difficult process for those people who live in areas of the country that are prone to frequent snowfall.  A handyman can clear the sidewalks and driveway while you can stay indoors – and will provide the equipment such as snow blowers, too.


Check exterior faucets

Have your exterior faucet lines drained and insulated to keep them safe so you can use them again in the spring.  You don’t want ice to freeze in the lines – if that happens, it can destroy sprinkler systems and the exterior spigots.


Change the filters

Hire a handyman so you can breathe earlier.  Changing furnace filters eliminates the dust and mold in the air of your home.  Have your handyman install carbon monoxide filters, too.  Homes with at least one fuel-burning appliance or heater, a fireplace, or an attached garage need a carbon monoxide alarm.


Improved safety

It’s always a good time to check smoke alarms and replace their batteries as needed.  Have a handyman clean fireplace chases and dryer vents, too. Slip and falls are risks for elderly and those who use walkers or wheelchairs.  If someone who lives in or visits your home falls into either category, consider having a handyman install grab bars in restrooms or along walkways to make your home safer.


Hanging mirrors

Hire a handyman with the right tools to hang mirrors, pictures, and window treatments and to install TV wall mounts. While these tasks aren’t too tough, a handyman who has the right tools can make sure the projects are completed correctly so nothing falls off the wall.


Everyone is busy and while it’s tempting to let home maintenance go until you have time, that’s not the smart solution.  Call a handyman professional to take care of anything you need done around the house so you can rest easy and focus on other things.

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