Oooooops!!! When handyman errors are made

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I’ve checked and it’s official. THERE ARE NO PERFECT HANDYMEN, nowhere, they don’t exist.

Believe you me I heard and seen poor jobs from previous handymen. Don’t get me wrong I’ve made a mistake or two, maybe three. One mistake that comes to mind is when I replaced a new counter top with the wrong size cut out for a sink. The cut out was exactly 4 inches wider than needed – ouch. My “measure twice cut once” philosophy was out to lunch that day. I had to eat the cost for a new counter top but a valuable lesson was learned that day. Mistakes will be made.

What about those goofs that are found by your customer? Some will not call you back to correct your mistake, some are less forgiving. How you deal with & handle fixing them says a lot about your character.

If you messed up, don’t just patch/cover up YOUR mistake, correct it or replace it. Make it look like it should. Show your quality and honesty. Trust me you’ll get a call back.

Tell us your goofs.