Money vs The Handyman

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       As handymen, we get so busy trying to manage our business that we find we’re too busy to maintain our own homes. Such is the case with most of us. The old saying holds true “the plumber’s house is always the leakiest” or something like that. Recently I had a screen repair company come out and replace all my torn patio screens. I was going to make good and not be the “leaky house” not to mention that my wife was on my back.I took in several estimates and eventually found a good screener.  While getting estimates from other companies I noticed a pattern.
   It was obvious that they were all competitive but most of them were more concerned about getting paid than assuring me the job would be done right. Here are a few comments I heard that immediately raised a flag: “First off I only accept cash”, “Pay me half now and the rest upon completion”,   “I have had problems in the past getting paid”.

If you’re a handyman business owner or any business owner for that matter you must acquire some form of business acumen and tact. Think before you make comments that will turn off your customers.

Customers are not dumb; they want a good job at a good price. They want a good job first and foremost and they’ll gladly pay you for your services. Remember, you’re trying to sell yourself and your services.

Ed Padilla is the Founder and Director of the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals ACHP.