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Failing corporations in a struggling economy, political daze, and a deplorable housing market affects everyone, even the handyman.

More are now dipping their toes into the handyman pool creating a more competitive environment in an un-regulated handyman industry.

Separate yourself and your business from the “toe dippers” and show your credibility as a serious handyman professional.

Join our professional handyman association.

Membership instantly associates you with serious professionals in the industry and adds credibility to you and your handyman business.

Joining ACHP was a step in the right direction to get me and the company ahead of my competition. I use my certification certificate where ever I go.”  Jason L. – Hawaii

Association of Certified Handyman Professionals.  Be part of a growing, nationally recognized organization. Add your business and skills in our handyman directory, searchable to potential customers in your area.  Display our ACHP Member Seal and show all you are a serious handyman professional.