Ideas for the ACHP Handyman

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Ideas for the ACHP Handyman

February and March is generally a slow month economically for businesses worldwide. This is especially true in the handyman professional industry. In colder climates, many home improvement projects simply cannot be done in the winter months. The projects that can be completed are often not on the minds of consumers who are still recovering from holiday bills and awaiting their tax returns. It is up to you to take some initiative and give customers some affordable options for projects that can be done despite the inclement weather and low bank accounts. Here are a few promotional ideas for your business:


  • Run a winter sale. Come up with two or three small services that you can provide at a discounted price and let your customers know about the deals.


  • Offer to do winter home checks. Especially in areas that have a lot of snow, you can offer a comprehensive inspection that will check things like roofing and pipes to ensure that the winter weather has not caused any damage. Offer customers a 10% discount off of any problems that you find that you can fix for them.


  • Begin promoting tax refund sales. It may seem early, but many consumers now receive tax refunds in February. Many customers set aside large home improvement projects for after they receive tax return money, so make it really easy for them to pick up the phone and call you for service when the funds arrive.