How to Handle Customer Complaints and Make it Right

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The way you handle a customer complaint is a critical component of the longevity of your handyman business.  You must always listen to your customers’ concerns.  Avoid responding in ways that could cost you business.  Here are some ways you can handle complaints like a professional:


Listen and comprehend

Always listen to your customer.  If they are uneasy about or dissatisfied with an aspect of your services, resist the temptation to blurt out an answer or solution quickly.  Take time to listen to your customer and grasp what is driving the concern before offering a response.



Once you listen to your customers’ concerns, empathize with their position.  This will create a bond between you and your customers so they realize you have heard their concern and are eager and willing to help resolve the issue.


Offer a solution

Try to recall a time when you were a customer and you had a problem.  You wanted someone to offer you a solution right?  So focus on what you as the handyman can do to remedy the issue as opposed to what you’re not able to do.  There is always a solution.  It may not be exactly what your customer is asking you for, but continue to focus on what you can do instead of simply denying the request.


Execute the agreed upon solution

Whether you were able to complete exactly what your customer requested, or you gave an alternate proposal as a solution that they accepted, make sure you and your customer communicate and agree on a way to solve the problem.  Then it is time to execute the solution from start to finish.



After you have completed all of the above steps, you aren’t quite finished.  Make sure you follow up with your customer.  This is one of the most important things you can do as a handyman.  Ensure your customer is satisfied with the solution and that you have taken care of the concerns.


Being a good handyman extends far beyond the typical duties of providing high-quality work.  Good faith efforts to resolve any customer complaints is a key component of your role.  Reputable contractors who do great work and stand behind what they do will see great success and earn a positive reputation for their handyman business.