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Another important reason to complete a vehicle walk around and inspection.

This alert applies to everyone! Anyone that operates any vehicle, private or company owned. You must ALWAYS complete a vehicle walk around and inspection of your vehicle before getting in to drive away, ALWAYS. It doesn’t matter if it’s before the trip, during the trip or at the end of your trip. Please be sure to complete a thorough vehicle inspection.

A young child in the wheel well of the company truck! A crew found this child while conducting a the pre-trip vehicle walk around of a company truck before getting in to drive away. I don’t want to think about what would have happened if the employee had gotten in the truck and driven off without doing a walk around.

There have also been many reports of children climbing into the back of company vehicles while parked. Please keep in mind that children will be out of school on summer break soon so be sure to watch out for them!!
Please remember to ALWAYS complete a full vehicle walk around and inspection before driving away.

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