Handyman Credibility

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So how can you show that you are credible, honest, and a hardworking handyman? Here are some simple suggestions:

Establish a pricing structure.
Customers won’t give you the time of day if you’re overpriced. There will always be someone who will do it for less.

Maintain confidence.  Have a confident voice and stand by the work you do, but be careful, over confidence will get you into trouble.

Believe in the quality of your service.   Building your credibility is easy but only when you deliver quality service. When you do, you’ll have others believing in you as well.

Show your professional endorsements.   Professional affiliation makes a huge difference in your credibility. Associate yourself with leaders in the handyman industry.

If your not a member already:  Join the Association of Certified Handyman Professionals.   Becoming a member will help you gain the credibility you need.

Join the fastest growing handyman association in America. ACHP is dedicated to improving the handyman industry. Open to ALL who qualify.