From Phone Books to SmartPhones

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From Phone Books to SmartPhones


Marketing your handyman business has come a long way from a simple listing in the Yellow Pages. Today, handyman professionals have the ability to promote their business in many more platforms and reach out to regular and potential customers in new and exciting ways.


Today’s handyman is high tech. We use the Internet to promote our business, email our customers, purchase our supplies and network with other professionals through social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.


To be sure that you are taking advantage of every handyman opportunity available to you, here are some suggestions:


List your business on a credible site. Do your research and find a site that will reflect well on your business and professionalism.


Build a basic website. There are many sites out there that will walk you step by step through the process of building a website and basic maintenance. Consider adding a blog component to the site where you give readers simple home improvement tips and encourage interactivity with your business.


Backlink your site to other credible sites. You can increase your presence on search engines like Google by backlinking your site to other sites that are similar. The more traffic to the sites to which you backlink, the more your own traffic can potentially grow.

A perfect opportunity for ACHP members is to backlink their directory listing to their personal handyman website.  Read more


Get a smartphone. All wireless companies offer versions of smartphones, or cellular devices that allow the user to access email and Internet on the go. Having instant access to customer emails is essential in your everyday routine, especially since most customers will use email more than any other form of communication.

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