Five Easy Ways to Boost Customer Loyalty

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Finding new clients is only the first step to business success. Once a customer is on the books, it takes a lot of work to keep them loyal and coming back for future handyman service request. Here are some vital ways to boost the level of loyalty among your customer base and keep them coming back: 

  1. Over Deliver. Always find small ways to go above and beyond the work at hand for your clients. Never leave a home unless it looks as nicely as it did when you arrived (or better!). If you see a client struggling to open a sticky window, or see a household hazard during your visit, offer to fix it for free – or at least point it out. Show your customers that you care about them beyond the task at hand and that you want to be a long-term component of their well- maintained household.


  1. Educate. Do not simply fix things – explain your process to your customers. Give tips for better home safety, maintenance and energy efficiency. If you have a blog, use the space to offer informative content. If you send out a newsletter, include a “tip of the month.” Show your clients that you are an expert in all of their handyman service needs.


  1. Reward. Keep your clients coming back with discounts through mail or email. You may also want to offer social media-specific incentives to keep your clients interacting with you online. A reward does not even have to be cost-prohibitive; simply sending out an electronic “thank you” or holiday card shows your clients that you appreciate them and their business.


  1. Stand by Your Work. Offer a warranty program if that fits into your operating budget. If not, ensure customer satisfaction by correcting any mistakes or flaws in your work immediately. Even a very angry customer can be appeased with the right attitude and speedy service.


  1. Show respect. While it may not be in the traditional job description, handyman professionals are actually need customer service skills in their tool box. Practice friendly dialogue and try to anticipate problems before they have a chance to snowball. Treat others like you would want to be treated and your customers will want to work with you again.

If you have been in the business for any amount of time, you know that it is much easier to keep your current clients than to go out and find new ones. Make customer loyalty a priority and your bottom line will reflect it.