The Green Handyman

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ACHP understands the importance of a healthier environment. How can we do our part?
Answer: By reducing our carbon footprint on the earth.

There are many ways to do this, such as solar energy. This can include installing power-optimizing devices that save energy, lower your electric bill, reduce chances for electrical fires, and halt unused, costly electrical current to your expensive appliances.

Another excellent way to become green-compliant is by choosing to have your home painted with low- or non-VOC paints. “VOC” refers to Volatile Organic Compounds which are “off-gasses” produces by things such as paint, tobacco, oil/petroleum products, cleaning chemicals, etc. Basically, these off-gasses are hazardous by-products of manufacturing. Other sources of “VOC” are:
• printers / copiers
• carpeting
• particle board products such as cabinets, etc
• air fresheners
• vehicles
• and thousands more..

VOC’s are toxic and are known to cause cancer, breathing disorders such as asthma, kidney and liver failure, and other health related issues.

Have you ever noticed that “new car smell” or the plastic window blinds in a home baking in the sun and smelling like burning plastic? These are examples of VOC gases that you breathe in. In some cases, automakers have replaced that VOC-based new car smell with artificial new car smells by lowering the off-gas emissions with more green friendly plastics and chemically finished products.

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