Enhance Your Outdoor Space for Summer Fun

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It’s the time of year to get outside – but taking traditional summer vacations can be expensive and short-lived. Take a look at these tips for improving your outdoor areas outside for more enjoyment and higher long-term value.


Clean the outdoor areas.

First, clean your home’s exterior living areas. This includes patios, decks, siding, sidewalks and driveways. Use a power washer to remove dirt. Remember to tidy up your patio furniture and grill, too, to remove grease and dirt that accumulate throughout the year.


Add flowers.

Flowers instantly overhaul the yard and add curb appeal. If you don’t have a lot of time for gardening, select low maintenance perennials that come up every year and need little attention.


Maintain and repair the exterior.

If you have any cracks in the sidewalks or driveway, fill them with caulk special for concrete or get help from a handyperson. If your driveway is asphalt, the cracks also need filled and you may need to re-seal the driveway, too.


Take the time to scrape off loose and old paint from your home’s siding or trim. Prime the wood, let it dry, and caulk holes or cracks. Apply two coats of exterior paint to the siding or trim. You’ll be amazed at the difference a couple coats of fresh paint makes when it comes to making a home’s exterior look polished.


Look over wooden fences and deck boards to check the condition. Remove and replace all damaged wood. Replace nails with corrosion-resistant screws. Consider repainting your front door a bold color as long as it complements the exterior color and materials of your home and meets any homeowner’s association rules.


Enhance existing outdoor space.

Add landscaping and other touches to make the area feel homey and inviting. Pull weeds, add fresh mulch to the flowerbeds, hang new, up-to-date house numbers, and consider updating the light fixtures around your garage, front door and back door.


To add some pizzazz to your exterior entertaining space, consider patio pavers.  Pergolas, privacy walls, a gated trellis, backyard fire pits and other custom features will overhaul the look of your backyard and make it the perfect place for relaxing or hosting a backyard bash.  If you aren’t game for doing it yourself, these upgrades are generally simple for a handyman or handywoman professional.


Add seating.

Is it time to update those lawn chairs sitting around the fire pit? Consider adding a gliding chair or a hammock in the yard to really enjoy the outdoor ambiance. If you plan to entertain guests, add enough seating to make everyone feel comfortable.


Whether you intend to host a cookout or a pool party this summer, or really just want to enjoy some cold drinks on your patio in peace, there are a lot of ways to enhance your outdoor living areas. Repair the exterior, clean it, and enhance the existing space and you will help make your backyard one that’s a lot more pretty, practical and enjoyable this summer.