ACHP Customer Corner: Get Your Home Organized This Weekend

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While it may sound unbelievable, you can get rid of clutter that’s taken over your home in just a few days. The trick is putting in a lot of effort and having an organized approach. A cluttered home can make it hard to get motivated to tackle the chores you’ve been putting off, but don’t let the mess deter you from trying. Take a look at these – ways you can get your home organized and clear the haze.


Get rid of things.

It’s time to purge! While it can send some people into panic mode, you need to be willing to throw some things away to rid your home of clutter. It can be hard to do, but take a moment and think about how often you really use certain items. While you may have no sentimental value to your belongings, it’s always tough to part with things you spend your money on.

Determine if you’ll need the item in the near future. If you won’t and it has no sentimental value, it’s probably time to sell, toss or donate it. If you have enough items, hold a garage sale and make some money while you’re in the process of purging items.


Find better ways to organize your belongings.

There are various ways you can organize what is left after you purge things. You can use labeled baskets to hold things like keys so there’s no more searching when you’re trying to run out the doors. Organize your shampoo and makeup with the help of baskets kept under bathroom cabinets.

Shoeboxes work like a charm to store things like bracelets and rings. They are also perfect for arts and craft supplies that children may use for homework and other projects.

A handyman or handywoman can install closet systems so your walk in closet has the best storage solution possible. Make a home for your items that need folded, your purses and shoes by adding space and reducing clutter.

Tired of backpacks and coats thrown on the mudroom floor? A handyman professional can install a storage bench with hooks for backpacks, shelves for shoes and shelves to hold baskets filled with hats and gloves. No room inside of your home? Use the garage and keep the dirty shoes outside.


Keep it clean.

If you have a junk drawer, tame it often. Put like items together and use small containers to store other items.


Wipe down drawers and make sure you continue to discard items as they break if they are beyond repair.


Check your pantry every other month, throwing away expired items and taking inventory so you don’t continue to buy things you don’t need.


Divide your food into zones – dry food on one shelf, canned goods stacked on another. A handyman professional can help add more shelving to your pantry if your existing shelving doesn’t cut it.


No one likes a cluttered house and the more disorganized it is, the harder it is to muster the energy to tackle it. Break big projects down into smaller ones and turn to a handy-professional to help make the project achievable. You’ll be thankful you made the time to declutter your home once and for all.

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