6 Affordable Ways to Transform You Child’s Room

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Decorating a child’s room on a budget can be challenging. It’s not easy to find an affordable way to design a room they will love for years to come – but it is possible. Take a look at these six ways to transform your child’s room to one that is both functional and fun in no time.


Create mini art galleries

Great artwork can overhaul any room! Walls adorned with gallery-style wall décor are popular and this trend doesn’t have to cost a lot. An accent wall can be monochromatic or filled with colors. Kick it up a notch with pictures, décor and photographs.  A handyman or handywoman professional can help make the process of hanging lots of frames go more quickly and smoothly.


Accessorize with patterns

It’s not as hard as you may think to mix patterns like a pro. Add some flair to a child’s room with patterned accessories, such as colorful pillows. Floral rugs can complement the pillows and create a cheerful bedroom or play space.  Remember to choose odd numbers when you decorate, especially the number three. The key to mixing patterns successfully is to vary the scale of the patterns using both large and small. Think plaid, geometric shapes, floral, stripes or polka dots.


Utilize pieces collected over time

Collect individual pieces instead of opting to buy a matching set of furniture. It’s a smart way to save big money and can achieve an eclectic and fun room. Layer the new with the old, utilizing pieces you already have in your home or finding things on Craigslist or garage sales. Mixing and matching pieces is the perfect way to create a beautiful and one-of-a-kind nursery or child’s room.



Integrate handmade details

You don’t have to be DIY savvy to think handmade. Even some small details such as a decorative bunting or printed graphics to frame can inject some personality into the room and make a big impact. Not sure what to do with all of that extra artwork? Child’s drawings are a great way to make a bedroom or playroom feel more personal while preserving those precious keepsakes.


Use oversized wall decals

Select decorative, oversized wall decals or stickers to add some drama and flair to a room. Think big, such as large trees, so you can let your child’s imagination run wild. A handyman or handywoman professional can help you secure the decal to the wall and you’ll notice that you instantly update the room with these super-sized stickers.

Children’s bedrooms should be a happy place. Choose vibrant colors and original accents to make the bedroom a perfect place to relax, lounge and learn. Plan ahead before you start shopping so you choose the best items for your child’s room and make the most of every inch of space.

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