A Fall Checklist for Your Home

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Fall is the perfect time to address all of those small things that combine to make a big impact on you and your home. Some maintenance tasks you can probably pull off yourself, while others may require you to call a handyman or handywoman for help.

A professional can easily help you tackle this list and in the long run, save you cash and keep your home comfortable. Take a look at this fall checklist that will help you prepare your home’s interior and exterior for the dropping temperatures.


Eliminate Air Gaps

Your windows and doors might need some caulk or weather-stripping to stop the pesky drafts that could cost you a lot of money this winter. Gaps can tack on up to 10 percent of your heating bill, per the U.S. Department of Energy. The good news is that they’re easy and inexpensive to fix, so get to it!


Inspect Roofing

Look around and make sure all the seals are intact on your flashing and vents. Check for curled or worn shingles – and fix any that are damaged. A minor issue could potentially be a big disaster this winter if it goes unnoticed.


Prepare Faucets

Winterize any outdoor faucets and irrigation systems before it gets too cool. Don’t leave a hose attached to your faucet because it won’t drain properly. This could cause it to freeze and burst the pipe, leading to leaking inside of your home when you turn it on this spring.


Clean Fireplaces

Call a handyman or other professional if you need help sweeping your chimney. If your fireplace is gas, inspect it before you light it. Check for birds or other animals that made your fireplace their home.


Reverse Ceiling Fans

Many people don’t realize that ceiling fans change directions. Reverse your fan so it no longer blows the air downward. Once it goes the reverse direction, it will push the warm air from the ceiling down. This helps circulate the air and keeps the room an even temperature.


Tidy the Yard

It doesn’t take long, but it’s important to remember to clean the leaves off your air conditioner compressor and cover it. Cover or store your patio furniture, too. Put away the lawn mower or other yard equipment. Pull out your snow blower and make sure it is good to go for the winter weather.


Update Decks

Fall is a smart time to check out your deck. If the lumber is really old, there is likely dead wood that is going to eventually rot. It’s important to keep the deck protected through proper cleaning and application of high quality stain. Stain will help prevent water penetration and damage by UV rays. Call an ACHP handyman professional if you need help staining your deck.


Double Check Safety

A good rule of thumb is to check the batteries in your smoke detectors every month, and take a look at your carbon monoxide monitors and fire extinguishers, too. The change in seasons is the perfect reminder to make sure everything is working properly.


Fall is a wonderful time to enjoy the cooler weather, the beautiful foliage, and begin the count down to the holidays. It’s also the time to pull out your list of annual maintenance and repairs your home needs before the temperatures drop. Whether you tackle these projects alone or call a handyman or handywoman for help, remember that as the leaves change outside, it’s time for you to make some changes around the house, too.