8 Changes That Increase the Value of Your Home

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It is easy to feel overwhelmed when you try to decide which home updates are the best investments. It’s hard to know what home upgrades are well worth the time and energy and which are worth crossing off your list.  This list can help you out; take a look at these 8 simple changes you can make around your home to make it more aesthetically appealing without dropping a lot of cash.


Paint the kitchen cabinets.

New kitchen cabinets are very expensive.  The good news is a couple of coats of new paint can transform the look of an outdated kitchen making it look clean and modern. Painting the cabinets isn’t an easy task though – you may need to hire a painter or handyman professional to take on the job.


Add molding.

Crown moldings are an architectural feature that can really dress up and add value to your home. Moldings make your home look upscale and solid. Talk to a professional if you need help figuring out what size to get and to establish a price point for the style you like.  Remember that if you plan to DIY this project, you will need miter saw.


Boost curb appeal.

The front of your house is the first thing people see, so make sure if gives off a great impression. It needs to be welcoming and stately.  Add some extra plants around the front door and go ahead and paint your door, too. Get a new welcome mat and rid the front walk of cobwebs and leaves.  All of these little things will add up and make your first impression a lasting one.


Upgrade your landscaping.

Landscaping can be pricey, but can totally transform the exterior of your home for the better.  Keep in mind you don’t have to hire a professional to take this on. There are some things you can do yourself, from planting new bushes to adding some colorful flowers.  Place some new terra cotta planters in your front and backyard to really add some pizzazz.


Add visible storage.

Hidden storage like large closets are good for several reasons, but buyers also like to visually see a lot of storage space without having to open doors. Add some extra shelves in an open space and you will really note a big difference. Place clear jars full of cotton balls or a wire basket with rolls of spare toilet paper on floating shelves in a tiny bathroom. You’d be amazed at what a difference this small change will make.


Swap your lighting for new.

Upgrade your lighting in a few of the main rooms of your home.  Pendant lights or chandeliers are easy to install or you can have a handyman professional help you if this isn’t your forte. New lighting won’t break the bank if you take the time to find some affordable options and can make the entire space look and feel more expensive.


Opt for neutral paint colors.

A brightly painted family room may be your cup of tea, but a cleaner and neutral palette is more attractive to the majority of today’s buyers.  Take some time to look around for timeless shades of paint such as tans, grays, and off-white hues.  These colors will look great in any space and give your home a fresh, timeless look.


Add mirrors.

Mirrors with colorful or interesting frames are the simplest way to make a space feel lighter and bigger.  Consider a sunburst frame, a wooden frame or even a metal one. It doesn’t matter which type of mirror you select to add to the space, be prepared to notice a big transformation in the look and feel of the room.


There are many things you can do around your home that will really spiff it up without spending a fortune.  Take some time to make a few simple changes around your home and you will notice your home gives off a more clear and upscale vibe.

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