7 Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Updating kitchens is all the rage – it is no secret that kitchens and baths are what make a house really stand out, and help sell it too, if you’re in the market.


If you are looking to give your outdated or builder-grade cabinets a new look, there are ways you can add both style and improve functionality for much less than the cost of putting in entirely new cabinets. Take a look at these seven easy tricks to update your kitchen cabinets and love the new look.



If your kitchen looks a little sleepy but has good bones, painting your cabinets may be all you need to do to transform its look. You can use different colors on the upper and lower cabinets, or change the color of the island to add richness to the room. Keep in mind, it’s ideal to use semi-gloss enamel for painting cabinets.


Remove cabinet doors

A heavy kitchen can appear lighter if you change your cabinets into ones with open shelving. The open shelf concept looks really nice – plus, it’s practical if you fill the shelves with things you use often.  You’ll want to make sure the dishes on display are clean and in good shape.


Add glass door inserts

Refacing your cabinets costs about one-fifth of what it costs to replace them, so you can get a new look at a fraction of the cost if you go this route.  Adding glass door inserts is a simple weekend project for a handyman or handywoman, which is a huge bonus. Choose from various options of inserts, from clear glass to etched, crackled, colored or fluted, and give your kitchen a new look.


Insert chicken wire

Changing out your door fronts for chicken wire can turn builder grade cabinets into a lovely farmhouse kitchen. Not only does chicken wire lighten the space, it gives the room a lot of personality.


Give your doors some spice

Every kitchen cabinet door has a backside that is generally nothing but wasted space. Put the backside of the door to good use by transforming it into a spice rack. It gives those countless little bottles the perfect home – and one that is at eye level and easy to reach to simplify cooking and baking.


Trade the old hardware for new

Fresh knobs or pulls are one of the simplest and least expensive fixes for your kitchen cabinets. You can find new options at a local hardware store or go for something else at a specialty retailer.  You can stick with metals, change up the finish or even go for colors. It’s up to you.


Install adhesive backing

The adhesive backing many people remember from years past isn’t at all what it’s like today. It’s come a long way and there are numerous patterns available – there are even websites where you can design your own.  New backing will give your kitchen a complete overhaul and make it ooze personality.


These cabinet tricks can help you lose the outdated feel of your kitchen while bumping up its functionality. It’s not as hard as you think to transform your kitchen into one you love without gutting it completely.