7 Upgrades that Will Boost Your Home’s Selling Price

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If you want to sell your house quickly and for the best price, there are some things more important than strictly its location. Making some needed upgrades before you list your home can make a big difference in what you can ask for a selling price.


You obviously don’t want to spend a lot of money that you won’t get back, so check out what improvements people are making in your neighborhood before you get started. For example: If homes with a kitchen remodel are selling for $40,000 more than those without, and you can do the project for $20,000, you know a kitchen update is a good idea.


Take a look at these 7 home improvements you should make to help your house sell for top dollar.


Improve your landscape.

Fresh sod and new bushes in place of your tired ones can go a long way. Consider flowerbeds or potted flowers to give your yard a facelift. A little bit of color really goes a long way.


Makeover your entryway.

Think about repainting your front door, or even buy a new one. If your house numbers and mailbox look a little tired, buy and have a handyman install new ones. Your entryway is how people enter your home, so make it clean and inviting.


Clarify spaces that may turn off potential buyers.

If you have a loft or another alcove, add a desk or a dresser or something that shows potential buyers a good way to use the space. Many homes have some unusual areas that add a lot of charm, but may confuse buyers. Show your buyer from the start what he or she can do.


Do partial renovations.

If you aren’t game for gutting a bathroom or kitchen, don’t. Instead, consider getting a new vanity and mirror in your bathroom. In the kitchen, you could leave your existing cabinets and replace the hardware and countertops and install a backsplash.


Change light fixtures.

Most gold fixtures are outdated, and brass isn’t as popular as brushed nickel. Take a look at what fixtures are current and up-to-date by going to your local hardware stores and checking out what they have for sale. Replace the outdated fixtures to give your home a modern touch for a very affordable investment.


Depersonalize your space.

Take down the family photos and canvases. Remove things from the refrigerator. Make it a point to take down anything that is unique to your family to help make it easy for a new family to envision your home as their own.


Paint your home neutral colors.

Your daughter may love her hot pink room, but there’s a good chance prospective buyers won’t. Repaint your home in neutral colors such as grays, soft blues and tans. Fresh paint makes a huge different in your home’s appearance and it’s affordable, too.


Make sure your home puts its best foot forward on the exterior and interior. It’s obvious you need to deep clean and declutter before you list your house, but don’t dismiss these improvements that cost a little cash and tend to provide a good return.