7 Bedroom Trends for Every Home

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Ready to change up your bedroom, but not sure what’s hot in bedroom design? It should be a mix of current trends and timeless pieces that match your personal style and the theme of your bedroom. Before you hire a decorator, handyman, or handywoman to get started, take a look at what is popular today.

Wallpaper has made a dramatic comeback. To balance your space, choose a neutral, solid headboard and accessories. Consider adding fresh flowers, patterned pillows, and a floor rug to soften the space.

Reclaimed wood accents
Eco-conscious homeowners have shaped several design trends over the last decade, and the latest is reclaimed wood. An economic choice, reclaimed wood accent walls and textural beauty to the bedroom. These stunning walls blend seamlessly in any bedroom style.

Many people wish for a serene bedroom that feels like a luxurious retreat. If this is what you desire, use colors that are soothing and well blended. Whites, creams, and gold look gorgeous together. If you want a little more color, soft greens, pale blues, and light purples create the same effect.

One thing will never go out of style: fresh flowers. Designers recommend flowers in pink to wake up a room, but any color will do the trick. Flower power is real — don’t underestimate the splash flowers can make, even in small doses.

Custom headboard or bedding
Inject a big dose of style with an original headboard. This is often a less expensive option than readymade, and you can have some say in what it looks like. Get creative with fabric for your bedding, too. Find something you like, and use a yard or two on shams. Combine it with a solid duvet and you have a gorgeous, custom look in your bedroom.

People seek comfort in the bedroom, that’s pretty obvious. To give your bedroom that feel, go for fabrics that are soft such as silk, cotton, and natural fibers. These popular choices are still really beautiful, and make the bedroom warm and inviting.

Multipurpose functionality
Turn your bedroom into something like a hotel-suite. Your master bedroom doesn’t have to simply be a place to catch some shuteye; it’s trending towards becoming a home inside of a home, an all-inclusive space where you can live in the confines of one bedroom.

If there is just one room in your home that should reflect your taste and provide you with continuous comfort, it’s the bedroom. It’s the place where you rest and rejuvenate. Use these ideas to help you update your bedroom so it becomes a room you never want to leave.