6 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

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Trying to find ways to make your home look a little better without putting yourself in the poorhouse? If you are looking to possibly sell your place or spruce it up to for you to enjoy, there are a lot of good ideas you can try.

The return on investment for these projects varies based on the condition of your home and the real estate market — keep that in mind.  Take a look at these six fixes that can add value to your home:


Transform your bathroom so it makes a splash.

Bathrooms are often considered the second most important room in the home (after the kitchen). They can be transformed without a lot of money. Consider replacing the peeling, discolored flooring with new vinyl tiles.  To make your shower look less dingy, consider regrouting it.


Add more storage.

If your home has confined storage areas, something that’s often seen in old houses, find ways to update your closets. More functional closets will make living in your home much easier, and it will become more appealing to potential buyers when it’s time to sell your home.


Take a look at the places you walk.

Clean carpeting is one thing that can quickly make your home look more inviting. It’s affordable to hire professional carpet cleaner, especially if your carpet is in decent shape. It’s often suggested to skip replacing carpet if you are selling, and instead let the buyer choose exactly what he or she wants.


Bring in more light.

Dark spaces are not what you strive for in real estate. A little light really goes a long way. If your house has rooms that block the view of natural light, you may consider opening your floor plan. This makes a home feel light and airy and gives an illusion of more space. Light colors on walls help give the same illusion, so consider changing the paint colors to off white or light shades of blue or green help, too.


Boost your curb appeal.

You want your house to appear appealing to others from the outside, too, whether you are selling your home or staying put. If the exterior color of your home is fading, painting it is a good place to start. Choose colors that match the style of your home. Add shutters for some depth and charm or repaint the existing ones and make sure they are hanging straight. An attractive front yard and landscaping also add value to your home. Make sure you grow easy-to-care-for perennials if you’re lacking a green thumb.


Build a deck.

A deck is an affordable way to increase your home’s value, and more of the cost of it is usually recouped if you sell your home compared to a bathroom remodel. Homeowners crave that outdoor space, and are often looking for something a little more fun than simple planks. To really wow your guests, consider built-in benches and add some railing to really spruce things up.


There’s no place like home sweet home, so it’s worth it to drop some money to make it just how you want it.  Focus on adding things that are important to buyers and to you, and make sure you don’t over-improve. It’s not smart to have the most expensive house on the block but you certainly want something you love.