6 Tips to Make a Small Bathroom Appear Bigger

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If your bathroom is small and feels cramped and you aren’t sure what to do, don’t worry. There are countless ways you can perceptually increase its size and ensure your bathroom will look and function the way you want it to. Take a look at these 6 tips and tricks that will help your small bathroom look bigger in no time.


Keep colors soft.

Soft and light colored floors and walls can have a positive impact on how you see your bathroom. Colors affect both the mood that your bathroom conveys and also how it appears size-wise.  Ditch busy wallpaper in exchange for simple colors.  If your bathroom is really busy, this makes it appear smaller.  Take the time to select a smart paint color and have a handyman professional help you repaint the room. Keep the tone of the room continuous – when you use various colors, you’re chopping up the space, which makes things appear visually smaller.


Let there be light.

Lighting is good for more than just your eyes: Proper illumination will also make your bathroom appear larger than it is. It’s best to incorporate natural lighting via windows or a skylight. However, those options aren’t always available, so opt to add more light to your bathroom in any way possible.


Utilize mirrors.

Use mirrors to work to your advantage – they can really work their magic to make your bathroom appear more expansive. If you can, hang a mirror on the opposite wall of a window or hang mirrors on walls that are opposite each other.  The best mirrors are ones that go to a ceiling – these mirrors make the space grow and the room appear grand. Double mirrors over side-by-side sinks tend to chop up the space and make it appear smaller.


Replace wide cabinets with tall ones.

Similar to the way vertical stripes on your clothes make you appear taller and thinner, you should opt for skinny and tall cabinets over wide, clucky ones to give your bathroom the illusion of being taller than it is. If this project isn’t one you can tackle yourself, turn to a handyman professional for help.


Eliminate knick-knacks.

Many people turn to pictures, ornaments, and other decorations to make their bathrooms feel homier.  However, this actually makes the room feel cluttered and in turn, more restricted. Let your bathroom breathe by removing some of the doodads.


Take the tile to the ceiling.

Builders often stop the shower tile at least a foot below the ceiling and trim the edge of the tile with bull-nosed edges.  This is actually more of a pain and probably adds cost and time to the project versus just continuing the tile up to the ceiling.  If you change your shower, make sure the tile goes to the ceiling. Floor to ceiling tile makes the room appear taller and decreases contrast giving the bathroom a more expansive feel.


It doesn’t matter how tight your budget is, you can always use these tricks to help a small, tight space grow visually.  Implement these strategies and tackle these simple projects to alter the way you and your guests see the available space in your small bathroom.   Need Help?  Find a certified handyman