6 Reasons You Need ACHP Handyman Insurance from Next Insurance

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As a handyman, you know that insurance is important to your business. While we hope you’ll never need to make a claim, solid coverage helps you grow your business with the confidence of great coverage behind you. Now that we at Next Insurance have been chosen as the Association of Handyman Professionals’ exclusive new partner providing handyman insurance, we wanted to introduce ourselves and some of what we offer you.


Why Should a Handyman Buy Insurance?


Let’s face it, accidents happen. In fact, they’re called accidents for a reason. And accidents, as we all know, can be very costly – whether it’s someone slipping onsite, unintentional damage to a customer’s walls, or even if you accidentally post photos you don’t have permission to use on your social media.


Handyman insurance covers you in cases like these, and more.


In addition, having handyman insurance can help you show your customers that you are serious about your business, and that working with you doesn’t expose them to extra risk they don’t need. You can easily get Certificates of Insurance, even add an Additional Insured for free anytime. You can also work knowing that if something does happen, you’re covered.


What Insurance Do You Need?


Thei insurance you need as a handyman depends on the nature of your business. If you’re a one-person operation, you probably won’t need workers’ compensation, for example. But there is a certain level of coverage all handyman businesses need, no matter your size, including general liability insurance, most importantly


More than that, to land many jobs, you’ll need a Certificate of Insurance (COI), to prove to potential employers that your business, work (both in progress and complete), and employees are all insured.


ACHP chooses Next Insurance


As part of their professional commitment to members, ACHP has done the legwork to find the best partner for your insurance needs. We at Next Insurance are delighted to have been selected.


Unique in the insurance field, Next Insurance offers ACHP members:


  1. Next Insurance is committed to keeping premiums and deductibles low, and offering a full, online range of services 24/7, for free. By eliminating the use of insurance agents and using technology to make insurance policies suited specifically for handymen, we were able to drastically reduce costs, for us and for you.
  2. Online Access. You can do almost everything online, whenever and wherever you choose. Need a Certificate of Insurance with an Additional Insured at 9pm? No problem. Realize at 3am that we have an old credit card? Update your information in the customer portal. Need to file a claim on a Saturday? Just log in. Of course, it’s all free. 
  3. Tailored, Comprehensive Coverage. Our coverage for handymen was created after hundreds of hours of research into exactly what coverage handymen like you do and don’t need. Why should you pay extra for a general policy designed to meet the need of photographers, or restaurant owners? Our policy was built for you.  Get it here.
  4. Product Complete Coverage: Our coverage doesn’t stop when your policy ends. Let’s say you retire or switch careers, and cancel your policy. Five years later, someone sues, claiming that work you did damaged their floors which they didn’t see at the time. Even if you no longer have a policy with Next Insurance, we’ll still cover claims against you for the time you were our customer.
  5. Outstanding Customer Support. While getting all your insurance done online is great, we also know that sometimes you just need to talk to a person. Our team of highly-trained, always friendly support staff is available by phone, chat, email and even Facebook message, so you’re always able to get answers to any questions you may have. Call during office hours, and you’ll be amazed; the current average time to answering is just 7 seconds per call!
  6. Easy Cancellation. We hope you’ll keep your policy with us for many years, and we’re confident that you won’t need to cancel. But we also know that sometimes, life happens and needs change. If you need to, you can instantly cancel your policy at any point, 24/7 online. It’s literally just two clicks away once you log in, absolutely hassle-free, and no phone calls needed.

We’re looking forward to working with more handymen to offer you insurance so that you can focus on your business, with confidence that you have great coverage at an amazing price.