5 Tips to Stay Sane during a Home Remodel

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During a renovation, your home is the worksite. It’s likely you can’t leave your home while the work is being done, so you need to prepare yourself to live in the remodel from day one through the finish line — and that can take its toll on your family.

If you hired a handyman or handywoman to do renovations in your home, check out these tips to stay sane during the process:

Be kind.
Situations rarely improve as a result of you getting angry and being mean. Usually just the opposite happens: things will go from bad to even worse. It’s free to be nice, so just remember that as you work with your handyman professional.

Focus on open communication.
It’s essential to have clear lines of communication with the individual doing your home renovations. Talk about whom you should contact as you make decisions on a daily basis, or who is best to call for after-hours emergencies. Designate an alternate person, too, to guarantee continuity in anyone’s absence.

Hold a pre-construction meeting.
A way to make sure your project is successful is to call a pre-construction meeting. This is the time your renovator can clarify a timeline of progression for the remodel. It offers you and your renovator a chance to prepare for issues that may come up in the process.

Cover issues such as what areas of your home are off limits to workers, if your home has an alarm system, and if you have a key to your home if you will be gone when workers come and go. It’s also smart to discuss how you will ensure children and pets stay out of the work area – a construction zone is a fascinating place to kids, but it’s not safe.

Remember to talk about the interruption of utilities such as water and electricity, and find out if you will need to vacate your home during the remodel.

Get it all in writing.
Get the plan, price, timeline, and your expectations all in writing to make the process smooth and eliminate misunderstandings. It’s easy to get confused with so much information being exchanged, so write it all down to keep everyone on board with what is happening, and when.

Stay calm.
Last but not least, stay calm. Day-to-day communication is key and can help keep a working relationship productive and moving forward. It’s inevitable that home projects will affect your routine in one way or another. If you can’t stay calm in tough situations, consider having your spouse do the talking.

Living in a home during lengthy renovations can be hectic, but keep these tips in mind and your focus on the finished product, and you can maintain your sanity during the renovations.