5 Tips to Reduce Stress When Renovating

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Updating your home come with a lot of added stress. High expectations, the inability to stay in your budget, people coming and going, and second guessing your choices can cause a lot of anxiety. When you can’t escape some of these issues since they are happening where you live, you need to find ways to reduce the stress during the project.  Take a look at these five ways to make home renovations a little less overwhelming.


Be realistic.

Remember what space you are working within. If you have a small bathroom, it’s not even going to look like a spa retreat, no matter how hard you and your handyman professional may try.  Take some time to look through magazines and scour the Internet for bathrooms that look similar to yours, and use the ideas you find to help you design your (realistic) dream bathroom.


Set a budget.

Come up with a budget and plan for extra expenses – tag on as much as 10 percent more. To help you set a budget for a kitchen remodel, visit some stores that sell what you need and see just what you can by with your renovation budget. Materials add up quickly, and labor can, too, so remember to figure out all of the details before you buy paint with a matte finish instead of the gloss finish you really wanted.


Find a contractor or handyman professional you trust.

Get recommendations from family, friends, and neighbors to help you in the process of finding the right contractor.  Check references – ask a lot of questions to make sure you find someone who is the best fit for the home updates you want accomplished. Make sure the person you hire is fully insured and bonded, and get all agreements in writing.


Anticipate delays.

When it comes to home projects, try to prepare yourself for wait times. There will be occasions when that tile you love is out of stock or on back order, or the faucet you ordered in brushed nickel shows up in oil rubbed bronze.  When you place an order, find out the estimated wait time for the materials. Always follow up to see if they are in stock sooner – it’s okay to be assertive, just remember to be polite.


Make the inconveniences fun.

Instead of complaining that you can’t use your kitchen due to the renovation, pack up food in a picnic basket and head to the park. Grill out burgers and hot dogs and eat on the patio table. Make the inconveniences exciting and it’ll make the transition a lot easier on everyone.


You really can’t sweat the small stuff during renovations. There are things that may bother you or not go as you’d expected, but don’t let the little things get you worked up. Take your time finding a contractor you can trust and communicate well with, and plan to cope with some hiccups along the way. Focus on the light at the end of the tunnel: enjoying those beautiful new home renovations.