4 Ways People Judge Your Appearance

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Your first impression does matter – don’t let anyone tell you it doesn’t. When you meet people, you have about two seconds to make an impression based on the way you look. Think about the way you come off to others and present yourself with care.  Here are a few of the traits people notice first, whether hiring a new office employee or a handyman or handywoman for some work around the house.


Dress for success.

Everyone should have a professional looking outfit that is clean, free of wrinkles and the right size.  A shirt with a logo and some clean jeans or khakis are appropriate. You don’t need to wear your Sunday best to go paint someone’s home, but a clean outfit is something your customers will appreciate.


Make sure you’re well groomed.

Research shows that good grooming habits are an important asset. For men, a nice haircut, clean nails, a clean shave and manicured facial hair are the top ways to look pulled together. Women should have tasteful accessories and nails and a clean hairstyle.


Display good posture.

Standing tall is the second-most important leadership signifier – it doesn’t matter what field you are in.  Plant your feet, keep your shoulders back and head straight to reflect authority and confidence. If you have shifty eyes and a slumped torso, you often come off as uninterested.

Your appearance is not as important as how well you perform your job, but it’s the first thing people see. Don’t let an untidy appearance undermine your opportunity to show your potential customers how good you are at what you do.


Don’t Stink.  Literally!


Association of Certified Handyman Professionals