10 of 2016’s Most Popular Flooring Trends

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Flooring trends don’t change as often as fashion or other home décor, but we are in a time of evolution. Take a look at these ten flooring trends that are everywhere in 2016 – and will probably remain for years to come.


Wide planks.

This isn’t brand new to this year, but it’s a trend that is here to stay. Wide plants make your space look and feel bigger. It’s a modern look that has transitioned into a classic home staple.


Reclaimed wood.

Durable, original and green, it’s not a huge shocker that reclaimed wood has taken over so quickly. Reclaimed wood, or wood that is re-used from old building materials is neat because it is something that doesn’t look just like all of our friends. Reclaimed wood has quickly gained popularity and may become more rare and difficult to find, yet that only increased the demand. This trend is one that will probably stick around for several years.



It’s not just for walls anymore, it’s moved to flooring too. Gray has taken over as the new beige, and that is one trend we expect to stay. If you like it, go for it!


Nearly black.

Extremely dark floors makes a bold statement this year. While the colors tend to show dirt and dust, they do look classy, sleep and expensive when clean. Expect to see a lot of expresso floors in 2016 and moving forward.



A friend of the environment and easy on the joints, cork is resilient and has a uniqe look. It’s been trending for several years now, and it seems more and more is in today’s homes.



The rise of bamboo has risen steadily and it doesn’t appear it’s going anywhere. It’s a strong floor – more durable than most of the market – and it has unique looks.  Ideal for the homeowner who wants their home to be a little different than their neighbors.


Loose lay.

This trend, often DIY, is growing. Vinyl flooring options that require some double-sided carpet tape around the perimeter now exist. This is a game-changer for those who like to take on projects and are ready to do it themselves. This floor is durable and looks like wood even though it’s luxury vinyl – it’s that good.



This one is definitely not a new trend, but wood-look tile is building momentum in terms of popularity and is a staple for most homeowners. Many former lovers of wood floors have changed their tune and instead opt for tile options.



Brick look tile is becoming more common as a floor tile after once being seen primarily on walls. It has a European look that really appeals to some home owners.


Large format.

Similar to wide plans, the large tile trend is one that is here. They make spaces look bigger and mean less grout lines. Larger tiles provide a gorgeous, modern, and clean look.  There may come a point that the tile sizes being used are too big, so do yourself a favor and go big, but not too big.

Flooring trends are evolving, like any home trend, and the options on the market today are endless. Choose wisely before you pick what to put in your home, considering what matches the style of your home and how much time you have for maintenance.